Transdisciplinary Research Seminar

The Seminar is a continuation of the work of the AARMENA Project, Co-funded by the Erasmus Plus program of the European Union. The theme is to Transdisciplinary Methodology for Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation, and Peace Studies.
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TransdisciplinaryReserach for Reconciliation Studies
Start 4  Nov. 2022, 14:00 - End 20 Jan. 2022, 17:00
Seminar Supervisors : Prof. Dr. Martin Leienr & Dr. Iyad Aldajani
Email: a.aldajani@uni-jena.de 
Room: Leutragraben 1, Level 15 (JenTower) , Jena 07743
Attendies: The participation of partners in the AARMENA Erasmus Plus proejct and the AARMENA Ph.D. students, accepted and pre-conditioned.  
For Registration:
Nov 4, 2022 02:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna 
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AARMENA Ph.D. Program Administrators. 





Lecture 1: Welcome to Friedrich Schiller University and Jena  - Martin Leiner and Dr. Iyad AlDajani

14:00 -17:00 (pm)




New Program Orientation -   the  of our AARMENA book: Reconciliation, Heritage, and Social Inclusion.

Introduction in fundamental concepts of the course Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner

Transdisciplinary research approach Dr. Iyad Aldajani

https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/reconciliation-heritage-and-social-inclusion-in-the-middle-east-and-north-africa-iyad-muhsen-aldajani/1141485456 (AARMENA) (public event)


Lecture 2: Case Studies Methodologies

1400 to 17:00(pm)


 Prof. Dr. Fani Du Toit  Fanie du Toit is the senior advisor of the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, where he previously served as executive director. He has been engaged in post-conflict interventions in South Africa, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and Uganda. His current work is focused on deepening the levels of societal reconciliation in South Africa and devising means by which the country can move on from its turbulent past. 


Lecture 3:  :  Conflict transformation research methods

 1400 to 17:00(pm)



Prof. Dr. Daniel Rothbart - Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution - Director, Peace Lab, Transforming the Mnd for Peace Co-Director, Program for the Prevention of Mass Violence. 




4:  Conflict transformation methods, Ethics, and Reconciliation methodologies -

Prof.Dr. Diego Checa Hidalgo Director Conflict Resolution Center (University of Granada)   14:00 to 17:00(pm)                       


Lecture 5:  International law and human rights research methods.  

14:00 to 17:00(pm)


 Prof. Dr. Ciraran Burke Academic, a lawyer, and a Eurocrat. Ciarán is Senior Research Fellow at the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies at the Friedrich Schiller University, Jena, Germany

Prof. Dr. Daniel Rothbart - Professor of Conflict Analysis and Resolution - Director, Peace Lab, Transforming the Mnd for Peace Co-Director, Program for the Prevention of Mass Violence. 


Lecture 6: Compassion Reasoning for peace and conflict resolution

14:00 to 17:00(pm)


Prof. Dr. Mark Gopin -James H. Laue Professor,
Director of CRDC (Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution) The Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University.




Lecture 7:  Forgiveness in Islam as a path for conflict transformation


14:00 to 17:00(pm)


Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abu Nimr

Professor from American University Washington Dc.

Professor on Frogiveness in Islam as scientific methodology for conflict transformation. 


Lecture 8:  Applied Phronesis for Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies


14:00 to 17:00(pm)


Dr.Iyad Aldajani, & Dr.Laura Villanueva,
Book: Internet Communication Technologies for Reconciliation: Applied Phronesis for Internet Research Methodologies.


Lecture 9:  


14:00 to 17:00(pm)


Ph.D. presentation supervised by

Prof. Leiner & Dr. Iyad Aldajani Dr.Laura Villanueva, Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner and Prof. Dr.Dr Schmidts, Prof. Dr Bruk. And Prof. Dr. Sanders, and Prof.Dr Christophe Vatter


Lecture 10 Ph.D. student presentations and proposal


14:00 to 17:00(pm)


Ph.D. presentation  -  Ending Session with Dr. Iyad Aldajani Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner and Prof. Dr.Dr Schmidts, Prof. Christoph Vatter