Doctoral Candidates

The doctoral candidates are scientist researching reconciliation, conflict transformation and peace studies in a Transdisciplinary scientific approach.

The Doctoral Candidates : 

  Name  Ph.D. - Dissertation Title 

Research Location

1.       Mrs.Rawan Tahboub

The Hölderlin Perspective in the case of Palestine: Virtual Exchange as a mechanism

Palestine  - Hybrid  Accepted
2.  Mrs. Zinat Hassan 

A Political Reconciliation Process into Taif Agreement Lebanon Cast Study 

Lebanon  Accepted 
3. Mrs. Zahra' Langhi

Women as actors for peace and Reconciliation in Libya

Libya Accepted 
4. Mr. Khaled A. Ghatasha The problematic relationship between the government and civit society organizations in the culturesecfor. Palestine  Accepted 
5.  Mrs. shahira Fakher Reconciliation for traumatized societies through religious education in the middle of the conflict.  Israel - Palestine  Accepted 
6. Mr. Wael Dokhan

Engaging Hamas an option or a necessity?

Palestine  Accepted
7. Mr. Abderrazak Messaoudi

Investigating the Effects of Civic Engagement on Moroccan National Reconciliation

Morocco Accepted in Progress 
8 Mrs. Bayan Al Fayoum

Digital Humanities doctoral research - Ai in Scientific Research

Jordan Accepted in Progress 
9. Mr. mudassir hussain

Representation of Taliban Conflict in German News Media Under the banner of Peace Journalism

Germany  Pre-Conditioned
10 Mrs. Nora ElZokom Reconciliation in Cultural conflict in the Israeli Palestinian case study Egypt Pre-Conditioned
11 Rima Ghazinyan 

“The Armenian Quarter and peacebuilding and reconciliation process. around the Holy city since 1990s”.

Armenia Pre-Conditioned
12 Mr.  Elmehdi Lahmamed Morocco and the Sahrawis: Beyond Legal Orthodoxy
For a Place to Intergenerational Memory
Morocco Pre-Conditioned
13 Mr. Bashar    Rahme

The Role of Addressing "Insecure Status" in the Reconciliation Process  The Sects in Syria as a Case Study

Syria Pre-Conditioned
14 Mr. Omar Gamal

(Exploring the Role of Islamic Philanthropy in Peacebuilding and Reconciliation in the Middle East

Egypt  Pre-Conditioned
Mr. Lawal Tsalha

Nigerian Conflicts: Factors Affecting National and States Mediation and Reconciliation Programmes. 

Nigeria  Pre-Conditioned
16 Mrs. Hayfa Ben Fraj

Gender, Diversity, Social Economy and environment in reconciliation process.

Tunis  Pre-Conditioned
17 Mrs. Sanaa Zawahra

The Process of Political Communication towards  Reconciliation Process 

Palestine  Pre-Conditioned
18 Mr. Ngwang Roger

Cultural Practices And The Critique Of Liberal Peacebuilding: Implications For Community Level Reconciliation In South Sudan

South Sunda  Pre-Conditioned
19  Kym Harris 

Trauma Healing as part of the reconciliation process post conflict. 

United State  Pre-Conditioned