Hanfried - AARMENA Ph.D. program

Doctoral School Program

AARMENA has adopted doctoral research in Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation, and Peace Studies as a Transdisciplinary scientific discourse
Hanfried - AARMENA Ph.D. program
Image: Hanfried - AARMENA Ph.D. program

Doctoral Theme: Adaptive Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies  
Start 20 October. 2023, 2:00 pm -
4:00 pm End Jan 30, 2024,
Seminar Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner & Dr. Iyad Aldajani
Email: a.aldajani@uni-jena.de tel:+49-3641-9-94278 Room: Leutragraben 1, Level 15 (JenTower), Jena 07743  Attendies: The participation of partners in the AARMENA Erasmus Plus project and the AARMENA Ph.D. students accepted and pre-conditioned. 
For Registration: October 20, 2023, 02:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna, for the Zoom registration, please get in touch with the coordinator of the doctoral school:Click to register.External link 

Year 2023/24

Doctoral School Program - Winter Semester

Seminar & Research subjects

Professor Lecturer

Winters School Oct 20th. 2023

Adaptive Reconciliation, conflict transformation & peace studies Orientation session.  

 Dr.Iyad Aldajani Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner

October 27th

Restorative justice reform in the middle of conflict 
university of illinois chicago

Prof. Dr. Seng, Michael P

November 3rd 

Reconciliation, Heritage, and Social Inclusion Presentation book, Practical Philosophy in Digital Peacebuilding, & presenting the book Internet Communication Technologies for Reconciliation, Applied Phronesis in Internet Research Methodologies

Dr. Iyad Aldajani

Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner 

November 17th 

Healing the Past Honestly: Building a Morally Responsible Theory and Practice of Reconciliation - George Mason University

Prof.Dr Marc Gopin 

November 24th

Citizen Science and Digital Humanities in advancing public participation research for Digital History. Granada University

Prof. Dr. Lidia Bocanegra

December 1st

Interculturality in Times of War: Memory Culture, Third Space and Reconciliation in Post War Europe.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Vatter


Digital Humanities in Culture Heritage

Prof. Dr Sander Münster

Dec. 15 

Who am I? - Dynamilogy, Decoding nature's secrets!
Nominated for Nobel Prize in Economy


 Prof. Dr. Dr. Milan Krajnc

Dec. 12

Case study: North and South Korea reconciliation and conflict

Prof. Dr. Chung Hyun Baik

January 19th

  Cast Studies in International Reconciliation Practices.

Prof. Dr. Carl Stauffer

January 26th 

Political Economics Theory: How Economic  growth  can support peace making and reconciliation process  
Nominated for Nobel Prize in Economy 

 Prof.Dr.Mag. Peter Platzer 

Feb. 02

First - phase - Doctoral Presenations 

Doctoral Candidates

Feb 09

Second - Phase Doctoral Presentations 

Doctoral Candidates

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