How To Apply (Ph.D.)

The initial process for submission to be part of the doctoral school and become a Ph.D. candidate
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Ph.D. program process for proposal submission and acceptance.

The process will go through several steps as follows: 

  1. As a first step, you will be invited to meet with Prof. Leiner and Dr. AlDajani to discuss your idea and plan. During the meeting you will get their comments and feedback to improve the proposal for final submission.
  2. A second supervisor will be appointed from another faculty at the University of Jena.
  3. An external supervisor will be assigned to help you supervise your Ph.D. project. 
  4. The proposal will be presented to the Scientific Committee at the university for final approval.  
  5. The dean's final approval will be obtained, and you will receive the final acceptance as a Ph.D. student. 

Submission of 5-Page Idea:

Before submitting your proposal, please note that kindly submit your 5-page idea so that Dr. Iyad AlDajani and Prof. Leiner can learn more about your proposed research project and then meet with you to provide their feedback and comments for improving the proposal.

Academic Background:

To know more about your academic background and your professional career, please provide us with the following:

  1. A copy of your master's degree.
  2. Your professional resume.

Attending AARMENA Ob-seminar

Regarding your attendance at the Ob-seminars and after a discussion with Dr. Iyad, you are welcome the next semester to attend the online Ob-seminars to gain a good knowledge of Reconciliation and Peace Studies. Your attendance at the Ob-seminars is supposed to coincide with the writing of the 20-page Ph.D. proposal.

AARMENA WhatsApp Group:

AARMENA WhatsApp group; to keep you informed Ph.D. students of any updates, academic activities, or necessary follow-ups related to the Ph.D. study at AARMANA.


The approval process for your doctoral project to study at the University of Jena may take between two to four months due to the official approvals at the university and finding a second supervisor and an external supervisor to help, follow up and guide you in the doctoral project . 

Please note that upon submission of the final proposal, you must also submit the following documents: 

  1. A copy of the passport (valid for no less than one year). 
  2. Photo. 
  3. Short CV. 
  4. Motivation letter \ letter of interest. 

Please take into consideration Friedrich Schiller University code of conductpdf, 222 kb · de 

For more information please contact: Dr. AlDajani.

How to process 

  1. How should I write my 5-page draft?
    1. The draft presents your desired research project to RPS director and coordinator. Clarity and conciseness are important here! Please follow the format suggested here:
    2. Formulate a research question and suggest a potential research hypothesis.
    3. Present summarized a survey of relevant state-of-the-art research, with a bibliography.
    4. Describe intended methodology (for example, discourse analysis; conceptual history; qualitative field research, quantitative field research, media content analysis, historical-critical exegesis, hermeneutics, interpretation of legal texts, and comparative case studies, best practices, interviews, psychological experiments, big data ...). Cite books and articles that present such methodology / etc. (for example, Klaus Krippendorff, Content Analysis, SAGE, Thousand Oaks (California), 2013.
    5. Propose a schedule of Ph.D. development activities; include the number of semesters and, if applicable, the length of external research stays.
    6. Include other relevant information important for evaluating your draft.
  2. One meeting Ph.D. Pitch meeting for the Ph.D. proposed research.
  3. Developing Ph.D. A proposal will take within one month; the candidate can amend his proposal within the semester and participate in the "Obseminar" for the first semester. After the first semester, his final proposal must be submitted, and a decision would be taken whether it will be approved.
  4. Submitting Ph.D. Proposal and gaining approval.
  5. Ph.D. The proposal has a final peer review by four experts who must gain 3 out of 4 for approval.
  6. Ph.D. Proposal accepted by two professors for supervision.
  7. Registration and acceptance by Friedrich Schiller University as Ph.D. candidates means the candidate is clear of any unlawful activities.