AARMENA Fellows consists of professors and scholars in the field of reconciliation, conflict transformation, and peace studies that are experts in the field of researching the Middle East and North Africa region. focusing their research on a multi-scale scientific field in Transdisciplinary and Interdisciplinary approaches assisting the AARMENA in different research projects
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AARMENA Fellows 

Affiliation & Name


Role / tasks / professional profile and expertise

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Dietrich

University of Innsbruck - Austria

UNESCO Chairholder for Peace Studies University of Innsbruck and Director of the Unit for Peace and Conflict Studies. more informationExternal link

Prof. Dr. Philip Mc Donagh  

 Dublin City University. Ireland 

Center for Religion, Human Values, and International Relations. more informationExternal link


University of Tanta - Egypt

Vice President of Tanta University for postgraduate studies and Research

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Abu Nimer American University in Washington - DC Director, Peacebuilding and Development Institute
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Prof. Dr. Ali Maqousi

University of Petra 

Research Diector for European project - Erasmus Plus -

Prof. Dr. Fanie du Toit

Geroge Mason University - Washington - USA

Senior Distinguished Fellow, Carter School, George Mason University, Virginia, USA
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Prof. Dr. Diego Checa Hidalgo


Granda University - Granda- Spane

Conflict Resolution and peace studies center in Granada
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Prof. Dr. Mohammad AlShrideah

University of Jordan - Jordan

Professor of the Digital Humanities and Applied computer scienc at the Univeristy of Jordan 
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Prof. Dr. Ahamd ALSalymeh

University of Jordan - Jordan

Engineering and EU Center for research at the University of Jordan
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Prof. Dr. Ayman Youssef

Arab American University - Palestinian Territories 

Ayman Yousef "Haidaria" is Professor in political sciences and international relations at the Arab-American university in Palestine.
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Prof. Dr. TM Fethiza TM


ELOUDA University - Algeria

English language and discourse analysis at the University of ELOUDA Algeria more informationExternal link

Prof. Dr. Ayat Nashwan

Yarmouk University - Jordan

Director of Refugees, Displaced Persons, and Forced Migration Studies Center. Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology and Social Work at Yarmouk University, in Irbid, Jordan. She was the first female director of Refugees, Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center at Yarmouk University from 2018 to 2019. more informationExternal link

Prof. Dr. Issa Diab

Saint Joseph University - Lebanon

Professor of Semitic Studies at Saint Joseph University, Beirut: ancient religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, Languages, History, and Relations and Dialogue. Researcher and activist in relations and dialogue. Consultant in Bible translation with the Universal Bible Alliance. Professor at Saint Joseph University and the Near East School of Theology. more informationExternal link

Dr. Wet  Tolba 

Fayoum University - Egypt

Nasser Tolba does research in Educational Policy Analysis, History of Education, Youth Studies, political sociology of higher education and International Higher Education.

Prof. Dr. Yamina Hakkou

Mohammad I University -Morocco

Professors in social science and history, speciliased in history and hertiage. OUJDA University - Morroco 

Dr. Mahmoud Seddik

University Mohamed V of Rabat - Morocco

Research on development and peace studies, Mohammed V university 

Dr. Nargis Dama

Yeldrum University Ankara - Turkey

Research associate in Political Science.Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University (2012-2016) PhD in Social Policy, Fatih University (2009-2012) MSc in Economics, Kocaeli University (2003-2008) BSc in Mathematics ,. 

Prof. Dr. Eugene Richard Sensenig (Notre Dame University)

Notre Dame University - Lebanon

Political Science and International Relations, Efurt Univeristy, more informationExternal link

Dr. Yaser Alashqar

International Peace Studies, Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin

Yaser Alashqar is an adjunct assistant professor in the International Peace Studies MPhil program at Trinity College (the University of Dublin) in Ireland. He completed his PhD in civil society and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at Trinity College.

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Dr. Aaro Rytkönen

University of Helsinki

Executive Dir ector (Al Amana Center, interfaith dialogue center based in Muscat more informationExternal link r

Dr. Belal Shobaki

Hebron University - Palestinian Territories -

Belal Shobaki is the Head of the Department of Political Science at Hebron University, Palestine. He has published on Political Islam, identity, democratization and Palestinian issue. Shobaki lectures on Palestinian Political System, Political Analysis and Islamic Political Thought. He has previously taught at An-Najah National University, Palestine and at IIUM, Malaysia. more informationExternal link

Mr. Justin Meyers Alaman center - Building Trust and Peace - Oman Executive Director for the Alaman Center in Oman. 

Prof. Dr. Moosa Elaya

Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (Qatar)

Dr. Moosa Elayah is an Assistant Professor in Public Administration, specialized in International Development, Peacebuilding and Conflict Studies, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (Qatar), Managing Editor of Hakama Journal issued by the Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies. more informationExternal link

Prof. Dr. Waleed Al-Modallal

Bradford University,
England, UK. 

Dr. Waleed Al-Modallal, Associate Professor of Political Science in the Department of Political Science, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine. Dr. Al-Modallal specializes in the Israeli-Arab conflict, and the Palestine Issue, is the former Dean of the Southern Branch of the Islamic University, and the founder of the Institute for Strategic Studies (MERAS)