The capacity building for Peace, conflict transformation and reconciliation studies teaching program, and a curriculum for Scholar-Practitioners for teaching the program for project partners.
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WP2: Development 1: Strengthening of Research and Institutional Capacities

The deliverables of WP1 will be used in WP2 (Strengthening of Research and Institutional Capacities). This WP is two-fold. Firstly, it seeks to strengthen both academic staff and graduate students' research capacity while reinforcing research quality standards. Secondly, it seeks to establish a resource center at the institutional level, specialized in reconciliation and peace studies development and conflict. Workshops by an expert will be given to researchers in partner countries. The workshops will address state-of-the-art research studies and recent trends in research methods (reconciliation, conflict transformation, and peace studies).In addition, a more tailored research capacity building on reconciliation will be given, which is an important aspect due to the conflict between the different political parties in the partner countries. The WP leader will be responsible for delivering a research handbook manual and a curriculum. At the institutional level, reconciliation and peace studies resource will be developed. Equipment, books, journal articles, and other resources will be bought (including the purchasing and archiving historical documents). Developing a resource point for both policymakers and researchers.

WP3: Development 2: Networking and Reinforcing of National and International Cooperation.

WP3 (Networking and Reinforcing of National and International Cooperation) seeks to strengthen national and international cooperation. It seeks to bring different experiences and mindsets in one place, eg, through International Conferences. It also provides an approach to learn from the experience of other countries. This network will bring expert speakers and policymakers to share experiences and provide a recommendation. Finally, besides the online platform to share experience and strengthen cooperation, networking and mobility visits will be established to strengthen the status of research quality in Palestine.    

 development progress 

ARMENA (2021-2022-2023)




AARMENA articles on peace, conflict transformation, reconciliation studies in the MENAe Region.

Development working sessions

 advanced curriculum in Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Peace, Development and Conflict Management in the hosting HEIs in the MENA Region. The work will be to integrate reconciliation studies in the Elicitive Curricular Development ECDMR


Online website AARMENA

 Supervision student's exchange (MA and PhD students to come to Jena)

including Interactive Website with teaching

AARMENA - Website and connected to all partners website at MENA locations

Application platform for communication. 

Application between all participating universities
using Internet Communication Technologies for Reconciliation studies
Introducing Internet communication technologies for Reconciliation Process

summer school

Attending professors and students from partner countries and program countries. 

Curriculum building

Developing either a master program, course, or a manual on peace, conflict transformation and reconciliation studies Course in reconciliation studies including

Workshops / capacity building

For university teachers in partner countries. (other than assistant, including travels of teachers from MENA region to region to MENA-region place)


 Connection online workshops with different universities - using webex and zoom webplatforms.


 for connecting with the AARMENA and cooperation with projects. Mobility for staff and students

Three Times/Year

P06 Workshop Expenses how to develop reconciliation studies in workshops on developing skills in scientific research using Internet communication technology

Development Committee 

    • dr phil. Iyad Muhsen AlDajani (Coordinator - University of Jena)
    • Prof. Dr. Martin Leiner (University of Jena).
    • Prof. Dr. Andreas.Oberprantacher. (Innsbruck University).
    • Prof. Dr. Alluri, Rina Malagayo (Innsbruck University).
    • Prof. Dr. Mohammad AlShrideah (University of Jordan)
    • Prof. Saleh Al-Sharaeh (University of Jordan).
    • Prof. Dr. Omar Ameri (Petra University).
    • Prof. Dr. Nazmi Salhat (Al-Istiqlal University).
    • Prof. Dr. Abed Anzy (Al-Azhar University ).
    • Prof. Dr. Mkhaimar Abusada (Al-Azhar University). 

Capacity building development program

  • a — Capacity building development with the University of Jordan
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    The AARMENA is researching with the University of Jodan, a program titled applied ethics in digital humanities, that researchers applied artificial intelligence and machine leanring as best practice in digital humanities, the program is part of a master program in computer science at the university of Jordan .
    Supervisor of the Project:
    Prof. Dr. Mohammed AlShridah 
    Dr. phil. Iyad AlDajani

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  • b — Capacity building development with University of Petra
    Image: AARMENA-2018

    AARMENA with University of Petra - AMMAN.

    AARMENA with the university of petra team are working on developing a capacity building project, that will develop research on reconciliation and peace studies, including curriculum building and capacities for teaching the program as a master program at Petra University. 

  • c — Capacity building development with Al-Itiqlal University
    istiqlal uni
    istiqlal uni
    Image: istiqlal uni

    AARMENA is developing a master proram in reconciliation studies with cooperation of Al-Istiqlal University in Jericho - Palestinian territories. 

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  • d — Capacity building development with Al-Azhar University
    Al-Azhar University
    Al-Azhar University
    Image: Al-Azhar University

    AARMENA is developing master program in reconciliation studies at the Al-Azhar University in Gaza, Paletinian Territories.

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