Hanfried - AARMENA Ph.D. program

AARMENA Ph.D. Progam

The Scientific approach for the doctoral program is Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies, in a Transdsciplinary scientific discourse.
Hanfried - AARMENA Ph.D. program
Image: Hanfried - AARMENA Ph.D. program
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University of Jena- Doctoral program "Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation & Peace Studies." (RCPS) 

The Ph.D. program "Reconciliation, Conflict Transformation, Peace Studies" (RCPS) is one of Germany's kind in researching conflict transformation peace studies within reconciliation processes. Started Jan.15.2021 at the Univeristy of Jena, the RPS is located institutionally at the university's Graduate Academy (GA) and is closely linked with the Jena Center for Reconciliation Studies (JCRS) at the University of Jena - Friedrich Schiller University. 


AARMENA Ph.D. program is in reconciliation, conflict transformation, and peace studies in an inter-transdisciplinary scientific field. We are developing Applied Phronesis research for reconciliation, conflict transformation and peace studies for best practices in various scientific disciplines in Education, Politics, Law, Religion, Media, Geography, Tourism, Urbanism, economics, Digital humanities, security and communal peace.

RCPS studies  conflict transformation, reconciliation, and peace   processes, methods, strategies, research, and practices, focusing on comparative analyses, case studies, narrative research, ethnography netnography, phenomenology research, and  best practices as part of transdisciplinary research with in Phronesis Research in reconciliation, conflict transformation and peace studies  .

Reconciliation, conflict transformation and peace approaches offering hope of development and prosperity to present situations characterized by persisting violence and tensions fueled by ethnic historical and heritage ideologies persisting in the Middle East and North Africa. RPS members strive to learn from recent successes with Transdisciplinary academic disciplines at the service of practical aims. The Academic Alliance for Reconciliation Peace Studies offers opportunities to integrate theoretical, practical, and pedagogical approaches and practices, including research methods, and develop projects in the spectrum of reconciliation and peace studies.RPS program is research-oriented and values ​​projects that span academic disciplines utilizing the full spectrum of qualitative and quantitative, mixed-methods research designs, and Internet research methodologies integrated into Phronesis research. 

RPS develops exchange opportunities that are available through agreements with the AARMENA network on three levels

  • University of Jena: Within faculties of Theology, Social Psychology, Ethics, Economy, Law; information technology, digital humanities.
  • National Research Working Group on Reconciliation Studies: Europe-Universities Reconciliation group, US - Universities Reconciliation and peace institutions.
  • Internationally Academic alliance for Reconciliation for the Middle East and North Africa Network: Irish School of Ecumenics in Dublin / Belfast; AICGAS Johns Hopkins University; Excellence School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution George Mason University, Washington DC. Mary Hoch Institute for Reconciliation, Washington DC. Martin Springer Institute at Northern Arizona University (USA); Peace Institute of Myanmar; Doshisha University Kyoto (Japan); Beyers Naude Center for Public Theology at Stellenbosch University (South Africa), Charles Sturt University (Australia), Asia Center for Reconciliation Studies (ACRS) at Seoul Theological University; Sung Kong Hoe University, Seoul (South Korea); Alberto Hurtado University (Santiago, Chile); Universidad de Antioquia (Medellin, Colombia); University of Petra (Amman, Jordan).The University of Jordan, Amman, Qatar University - Ibn Khaldun Center - Doha, German Jordan University Amman Innsbruck University- UNESCO Chair for Peace center - Austria - Petra University, Amman, Arab American University, Jenin, Tanta University, Tanta, Assuite University, Assiut, Notre Dame University, Lebanon Saint Joseph University. 

For more information regarding Ph.D. For the program, please contact

ARMENA Director of the doctoral school  Dr. AlDajani  for more information.